Regular Conferences

Our high end conference room is equipped with 120" screen, projector, sound and light system, separate break room and will seat up to 50 people.

Morning half day: $150. Afternoon half day $200. Whole day $250.

Ask for details to book it for your upcoming event! Contact us now!

Secrets or tricks

Do you or your significant other need a little nudge to get into the mood? Everyone is different and there is no one solution, but there are techniques to be learned. Want to know more? Book your seat for the next session.

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Believe us, nobody will do it for you, but, the good news is: YOU can do it! Come and learn how.


Low self esteem?

The answer is in YOU. Want to raise your self esteem? Let us show you how to see your own self-worth. Book now!

escape room daytona beach

Dream BIG, but work HARD

In life one must find balance, follow their dreams, and work hard to reach their dreams. Is this easily done? Not always. Do you need help? Book our conference toady, we will help.