Regular Seminars

Our high end seminar room is equipped with 120" screen, projector, sound and light system, separate break room and will seat up to 50 people.

Morning half day: $150. Afternoon half day $200. Whole day $250.

Ask for details to book it for your upcoming event! Contact us now!

Wine and Cheese pairing

Are you wondering which wine will pair your favorite chocolate? Do you have a special selection? We show you the correct pairings. Book your seat now!


Whisky and Chocolate pairing

Each blend of whisky will taste different with a special chocolate, just as each bite of chocolate will taste different with the correct whiskey pair.. Book your seat to learn which is which!


Wine and Chocolate pairing

Only for those with special interest. Learn which wine will match the chocolate you eat, which type of chocolate you will choose for your favorite wine. Reserve your seat now!